Custom Blue Stone Work

Custom Blue Stone Work

This is the amount of detail that is put into EACH and EVERY stone that they create:

  • The stone is shaped by hand using hammers and chisels, only the best stone in stock is chosen. They hand-pick each stone to make sure it is blue-grey for the best color/appearance and they ensure each stone is durable.
  • The stone is tumbled in a giant rock tumbler with water and smaller rocks. This allows each stone to have a natural look with softened edges.
  • They take your specifications (because each stone is custom) and create a computerized stencil which will create the guideline for your text to be engraved.
  • The stencil is placed on your stone and then it is engraved using a sand-carving process. Each engraving is approximately 1/4″ deep.
  • Your stone is painted with 30 year old stone paint (industry standard for monuments) because they provide a product that is meant to last!
  • Your stone is touched up, packed up, and shipped to you so that you receive your stone in about a week from your order.

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