Paver Patio & Walkway

Paver Patio & Walkway

Paver patios, stone walkways, or paver walkways ways are a great way to join a driveway to a front entrance or simply for decorative purposes. Patios, pathways, and walkways can be created with pavers or with patio stone and certainly can invite a guest with a warm welcome to your home. After all, it’s usually the first thing your friends and guest will see.

While having a destination is usually the purpose, a path or walkway can be designed simply to create a decorative environment. If bordered by colorful plantings, it magnifies the beauty of the stone work . A walkway or path designed with a mix of paver textures or creative use of patterns creates a mosaic look while engaging the senses. To create a visual impact, using steps and terraced transitions along the route will engage the guest. Remember “It’s the journey, not the destination!”

Pavers are a great option and they come in many different colors, shapes, and patterns. Oh, and let’s not forget prices! Antique tumbled pavers can also be are a great choice when trying to achieve a rustic or natural look. Pavers are generally priced somewhere between the cost of plain concrete and natural stone. Some of the “latest and greatest” pavers are more expensive than natural stone.

Old world, craftsman styled paver walkways are a great way to enhance the entrance to your home. Though, be careful to carefully consider the use of pavers, flagstone, or brick pavers. You should always use and choose hardscape material that will complement the style and façade of your home. Contact Stewart Landscape today to learn more about creating the perfect walkway to compliment your homes architecture.

Pavers require very little maintenance and add a lifetime of value to your home. Pavers, or natural stone, will rarely develop cracks or other imperfections. If any repairs are needed a single paver or a section is easy to lift and replace.

Our services include high quality, long lasting paver patios, and natural stone work. We do it all from retaining walls, paver driveways, patios, stone mason stairs, walkways, stone veneered outdoor fireplaces, and outdoor kitchens!

Stewart Lawn & Landscape grew from a love of landscape and design. This love quickly grew to include all aspects of the “green industry.” With knowledge and passion, Stewart Lawn & Landscape blossomed.

Today, we have professional teams of designers and installers to expertly create and maintain the integrity and beauty in your landscape.

Our team of professionals create scenes of beauty and tranquility to transport you away from the stresses of everyday life to a quiet, serene place you can call your own.

Our team makes you an integral part of the design process to create the landscape you have dreamed of.

Working together with nature, we can create a piece of paradise right in your own back yard.

Stylize Your Outdoor Living Space

Some back yards have that certain “something” – it’s unique all on its own. If you want a special paver patio space, it all starts with a good master plan. This will help you design to match your lifestyle and budget. Whether it’s a small relaxing cafe style with an aged flagstone floor, or a cozy paver patio space for a family to gather around a fire pit. Some lifestyles require a landscape design that accommodates a large dynamic vibrant area. Patios, typically feature raised walls to surround the patio and is packed with colorful plantings to soften the look and feel, and add a pergola overhead to give the feeling of warmth.

The facts are it all starts with the floor! That’s right, you can’t build a outdoor room with out a floor. To start, pick a floor that will work within your budget. From traditional clay brick, natural cut flagstone, or a myriad of styles and colors from the concrete paver world. Be sure to craft your patio with an expert patio and landscaping design thats elegant but durable. Also, don’t forget to design in all the other outdoor landscaping elements!

Great backyards have a style or theme. To create a huge impact, a 450 sq ft to 550 sq ft patio can be divided into a small courtyard that invites relaxing areas with dining areas tied together and antique cobblestone paver flooring. This durable, but elegant, surface can double as an dance floor after outdoor family parties or formal dinner parties.

Create a space for outdoor gatherings today. Let us help you bring the indoors out, with a custom patio installation.

At Stewart Landscape we offer a variety of high-quality paver and stone products available in endless shapes, patterns, and colors. We can create patterns of your choice by using same size or mixed sizes during the installation process.

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