Holiday Decorating Services

For over 30 years, Christmas Decor holiday decorating professionals of Stewart Lawn & Landscape, have been the only true COMPLETE Christmas lighting design company. We offer full installation of lights on trees and roofs and in-season service to repair broken lights. Timely takedown at the end of the season so lights are not still up in March. We’re a true end-to-end holiday decorating service. We know you LOVE the holidays, but the idea of decorating the outside of your house sounds daunting. Well….. that’s because it is.

Here’s a little known fact; according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (, more than 14,000 people are treated annually in hospital emergency rooms due to injuries related to – you guessed it – holiday decorating. No more falling off of ladders or climbing on icy rooftops, struggling with light strings or searching for that one dammed burned out bulb. No more last minute trips to the store to satisfy the Mrs.

Hire the Christmas Decorating Franchise Group at Stewart Lawn & Landscape.

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