Irrigation Startup & Calibration

Irrigation Startup & Calibration

Sprinkler System Activation Prices and Procedure:

Our spring sprinkler system activation is a detailed service call where we not only reverse the 8 steps winterization to re-pressurize your entire system, but we also include a full zone-by-zone inspection of your system to make sure your system gets started in full working order. We test every valve, every zone, and every head. Below is a summary of our spring activation procedure and pricing:

Reverse each of the 8 steps that were done for sprinkler winterization

  • Check each valve that it opens and closes properly
  • Check that electronic wiring is still secure
  • Check each sprinkler head to be sure it’s operating correctly, fully retracting, and spraying the desired direction.
  • Clean and/or replace any clogged filters or nozzles as necessary
  • Check that there are no visible leaks at backflow device
  • Check that there are no visible leaks at valve manifold

Leave a check-list on your door detailing the steps we took and notes regarding your systems needs, if any.

For this service, we charge just $70.00 to $125.00, if paid for before May 1st. (Any spring activations done after May 1st are considered a regular service call and subject to our regular service call rate of $120.00)

Yearly Backflow Testing

We also offer recommend yearly backflow testing and we work with a certified backflow testing technician to handle all of our backflow testing. This is a service that is mandated by the county or city that you live in and is required to be done yearly. It is generally done in the spring time, around the same time that spring activation is done. We will recomend a certified backflow tester. They usually test the system and send the report to your city or county once you have passed inspection. If, for any reason, your backflow device has failed, we will notify you of those results as well and offer you a bid to repair or replace the unit.

F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. Can I save money by bundling the above services and having your company do all three services?
A. Yes, you can! Please contact our office for exact details.

Q. From the time I pay, how soon will you be out to perform the service?
A. We schedule our services by neighborhood and also by date payment was received. So the sooner you call to schedule this service, the sooner we will be able to get your service done. We try to get all of our winterizations done by Dec. 1st. But if you wait until November 25th to call us for this service, you’re sort of pressing your luck to get it done by that time. Still, we make every effort to get all of our winterizations done within a few weeks of your call and usually not later than Dec. 1st.

Similarly with Spring Activation – the sooner you get on our schedule, the sooner we’ll be able to get you in. But we also schedule these by neighborhood. So don’t expect us to come out in the first day or two. It may be a week or two before we get enough in your area to create a route for that area of town. Regardless, we do try to get all of our spring activations done by May 1st.

Backflow testing is done by a certified back flow contractor and we send in the report to the city / county that very day that they perform the service.

Q. What if you notice something wrong with my system?
A. We will note that on your check-list if your service is in need of service, along with an accurate price quote to fix the issue. Then you can call and have us return to fix the issue, if that is your desire.

Q. Won’t you need access to my controller to turn off / start up my system?
A. Yes and sometimes no, we don’t. We can usually access everything we need outside in your covered valve boxes or the exterior back flow preventer . We need you to turn off water supply to the system. You can do that part. We do all the rest. This way we can do the work without you having to take time off of work and meet us there.

Q. What if you find something that needs to be repaired while you’re there? Can I just pay you to fix it at that time?
A. If you happen to be home at the time of service, we will ask you if the repair is something you want us to do at that time. This way, you can save the cost of a separate service call. But if you are not home during the time of service (which is most often the case), we will leave a note regarding the repair needed and you will have to call us back to schedule a time to make that repair.

Q. What about programming my controller? Is that something you offer with your spring activation?
A. This isn’t something we generally offer as part of the start-up procedure. First, because most homeowners are not home when we come by to do the service. Second, because we haven’t allotted enough time for this. And third, because your programming doesn’t generally need to be changed from year to year. But if you happen to be home and it is something that doesn’t take us more than 5 minutes, we’ll typically go ahead and do this.

Q. What is your guarantee on start-up? Do I need to look over the system when you are finished?
A. We do ask that you take a look over your sprinkler system within 30 days of our service. If we have missed something, we would like to know sooner rather than later. Also, keep in mind that if you find a valve or head that isn’t functioning properly in June, that it may have been working just fine when we did your spring activation in April. Irrigation components can break at any time. So again, please check your system after we are done and if you think we’ve missed something, we want to know about it sooner, rather than later. If necessary, we’ll send our technician out to fix whatever we missed.

Q. Isn’t backflow testing part of what you do in the spring activation?
A. No. Backflow testing is a totally separate service and needs to be done by a certified backflow tester. We do work with your backflow device during spring activation. That is, we pressurize it and make sure it’s opening and closing like it’s supposed to so we can use the irrigation system. But that’s different than the pressure testing that is needed to make sure the backflow device is functioning properly. Here’s a good analogy: you take your car to a mechanic to get it serviced or tuned up, but you take it to the emissions testing to make sure it’s passing emissions requirements. Consider our irrigation technicians the mechanic and our certified backflow tester is the Emissions . The certified backflow tester is just testing the system to make sure it’s preventing backflow like it’s supposed to. We’re just making sure the device is running.

If you’re interested in any or all of the above services, simply complete our online quote request form and someone will call you promptly to set up an appointment. Or call right now: 410-266-8586

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