Landscape Maintenance

Landscape Maintenance

The following list is just a tiny portion of the landscape maintenance services Stewart Lawn & Landscape can provide you in Annapolis.


At Stewart Lawn & Landscape using mulch in the landscaping is a good gardening habit but not mandatory; the benefits, however, make it worth the effort. At Stewart Lawn & Landscape we do really good job of mulching your garden. Mulching offers these benefits:

  • Inhibits weed germination and growth. (Weeds are not only unsightly, but they also they steal resources from your plants!)
  • Holds in soil moisture, protecting your plants from drying out quickly
  • Moderates soil-temperature fluctuations (This benefit is especially valuable during that turbulent-weather period in spring when you don’t want your plants to be stressed.)
  • In cold-winter areas, protects plant roots from winter cold and helps prevent frost-heaving, in which plants are literally pushed out of the ground by the natural expansion and contraction of the soil as it cools off and heats up
  • In hot-summer areas, Stewart Lawn & Landscape special blended mulch helps keep plant roots cooler
  • The mulch can add a bit of welcome nutrition to your garden as it breaks down

We at Stewart Lawn & Landscape use “best” double shredded mulch the market has to offer. Some mulches are free, while you can purchase others locally. We get ours from the tall swaying pines up in the blue ridge mountains. You can experiment to find out what you and your plants prefer, but we know you’ll be making the right choice by using us!


Proper pruning enhances the beauty of almost any landscape tree and shrub, while improper pruning can ruin or greatly reduce its landscape potential. In most cases, it is better not to prune than to do it incorrectly. In nature, plants go years with little or no pruning, but man can ruin what nature has created. By using improper pruning methods healthy plants are often weakened or deformed. In nature, every plant eventually is pruned in some manner. It may be a simple matter of low branches being shaded by higher ones resulting in the formation of a collar around the base of the branch restricting the flow of moisture and nutrients. Eventually the leaves wither and die and the branch then drops off in a high wind or storm. Often, tender new branches of small plants are broken off by wild animals in their quest for food. In the long run, a plant growing naturally assumes the shape that allows it to make the best use of light in a given location and climate. All one needs to do to appreciate a plant’s ability to adapt itself to a location is to walk into a wilderness and see the beauty of natural growing plants.

Pruning, like any other skill, requires knowing what you are doing to achieve success. The old idea that anyone with a chain saw or a pruning saw can be a landscape pruner is far from the truth. More trees are killed or ruined each year from improper pruning than by pests. Remember that pruning is the removal or reduction of certain plant parts that are not required, that are no longer effective, or that are of no use to the plant. It is done to supply additional energy for the development of flowers, fruits, and limbs that remain on the plant. Pruning, which has several definitions, essentially involves removing plant parts to improve the health, landscape effect, or value of the plant. Once the objectives are determined and a few basic principles understood, pruning primarily is a matter of common sense.


  • We recommend the use compost to improve the soil structure. You can apply compost at any time.
  • In Planting, use a slow release fertilizer at the time of seeding. We often will apply a fast release fertilizer after the seeds have germinated.
  • The Stewart Landscape division uses fertilizers which carry all the three major plant nutrients – nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. In light of the new regulations for the Chesapeake Bay area phosphorus is banned except when establishing new lawns.
  • Fertilizer rates, application time and application process varies.
  • There are many choices of fertilizers available like organic, synthetic, inorganic, slow release, fast release etc. Stewart Lawn and Landscape Use’s the appropriate fertilizer for your lawn and micro climate.
  • Stewart Landscape tests your soil before applying fertilizers.

Over seeding and Replacing Sod

  • The best time for over seeding is early fall, we often start in august with good results . this is really Important for lawns which get more shade.
  • When replacing sod, Stewart Landscape will cut the affected lawn out with a spade or shovel and create a nice crisp edge before planting the new sod.
  • We Add a specially blended starter fertilizer to newly replaced area.


  • Stewart landscape recommends aerating your lawn and combining with seeding. Typically once in the fall and only in the spring if the yard is destroyed.
  • Keep checking the soil to make sure it is ok.
  • Stewart Landscape recommends the use of aeration to reduce compactness of soil and to remove the thatch.


  • We de-thatch at least once per year. Thatch can stunt the growth of lawn’s and can prevent healthy growth.
  • Old thatch is difficult to remove.
  • Use aeration can help reduce thatch problems, but it is not a substitute.

Pest Management

  • At Stewart Lawn and Landscape lawn pests are managed with organic methods or pesticides.
  • We use mechanical method, cultural method, chemical method or biological method to control pests.
  • One option most clients choose is to use chemical pesticides to control pests. Make sure you read the warning labels. You may also want to look at organic options if you have children or pets.
  • While we use chemicals, be sure to follow the instructions.
  • Stewart Landscape Follow the recommended dose to avoid toxicity to the grass.


  • Weeding is very important and should be done in the fall and spring.
  • We use only the best pre-emergents and post-emergence herbicides to control the weeds.
  • We do not apply herbicide soon after seeding or after emergence of the grass seeds.

Professional Landscape Maintenance in Annapolis

If you thought about hiring a professional gardening service before, but were concerned about the price when compared to the local mom-and-pop operations, that certainly will not be an issue when dealing with Stewart Lawn & Landscape for any of your landscape maintenance requests. We are fully aware of the stiff competition within this industry and we do everything within our power to ensure that our price structure meets or beats anything else in this market.

Stewart Lawn & Landscape Exceeds Your Expectations

In addition, you can be absolutely certain that when we provide you with an estimate or a timeframe to complete a job in, it will be done according to those specifications. Our goal as a company is NOT to meet your expectations, but rather to greatly exceed them, which is the exact reason we have been so successful.

For any of your Annapolis landscape maintenance needs, you will find that at Stewart Lawn & Landscape, we sincerely want to begin to work with and for you, so please call us anytime at 410-266-8586 for a FREE quote.

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