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Certain people take great satisfaction in doing everything themselves. They’re just not satisfied unless they do the job, because they know that nobody else can do it as well as they do. They’re perfectionists and will expend as much time and effort as it takes to get the job done right.

Stewart Lawn & Landscape Service Can Save You

A lot of people are that way about their lawn and landscape too. They know how they want things to look and they go to great lengths to keep their property looking great. Have you seen them? Maybe you’re one of them!

You find them mowing the yard or pruning during the week after work. You see them up early on the weekends… lawn mower, rake, and shovel in hand. They’re the ones who spend countless hours maintaining and repairing their sprinkler systems, spraying for pests, and fighting wire grass. They’re the ones who sweat it out in the heat of summer, battling the ever-growing grass and the elements. Somehow, they take pleasure in all this.

But they’re missing out!!!! There are a lot of things they could be doing instead. If they called us at Stewart Lawn & Landscape and turn their lawn service over to us, they could spend more time paying attention to their families, engaging in sailing on the Cheasapeake Bay, watersports, exercising, getting ahead at their jobs… or just plain loafing!

Your Free Time is Your Own Again

The point is that people who are tied to their lawns simply miss out on a world of opportunity. And they don’t have to!

All they need to do is call Stewart Lawn & Landscape at 410-266-8586!

We’re the best when it comes to lawn service in Annapolis. We keep seven hundred yards looking great in the Annapolis area, and we know how to care for your lawn.

We’re lawn service experts. No detail is too small and no challenge is too great. We’ll give your yard the same meticulous care that you do. Call us today and start planning what to do with all that free time.

Don’t Miss Out – Call Stewart Lawn & Landscape for the Best in Annapolis Lawn Service

Don’t miss out on things that you like to do because you’re tied to your yard. Let Stewart Lawn & Landscape take the time and trouble out of caring for your lawn. We provide the best lawn service in Annapolis. Our team of trained and highly experienced lawn care specialists will take the worry and work out of keeping your lawn in tip-top shape. We can make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood. In Annapolis, people who know about lawn service call on Stewart Lawn & Landscape Call us today at 410-266-8586 or send us an email

Mowing Anne Arundel County Down

Stewart Lawn & Landscape lawn services include much more than simple lawn mowing. In addition to this standard component of service, We provide the following:

  • Detailed trimming around fences, mailboxes, trees, birdhouses and misc. posts.
  • Edging around driveways, sidewalks, porches, and patios.
  • Complimentary mulching and removal of all debris and excess trimmings.
  • Weekly services.
  • Lawn Irrigation and fertilization services.

Estimate Considerations

When comparing lawn mowing service estimates, consider the following:

  • Does the service include fertilization and weed control? Is this service provided from within the company, or contracted out to another company? Stewart Lawn & Landscape provides all services—to include fertilization and weeding services—from within Stewart Lawn & Landscape.
  • Does the company’s website post a service guarantee? Stewart Lawn & Landscape guarantees in writing your complete customer satisfaction or the service or we fix it .
  • Does the company sharpen their mowing blades daily? If not, you run the risk of an uneven or damaged lawn. Stewart Lawn & Landscape’s mulching mower blades are sharpened daily without fail.
  • Does the service switch mowing direction on a weekly or biweekly basis? Stewart Lawn & Landscape mows in four different directions per month, in order to lawn uniformity.
  • Does the company have adequate liability insurance, covering the cost of damage to your property and potential injuries of company employees? Stewart Lawn & Landscape carry a minimum of $1,000,000 liability coverage.

Call Now for the best lawn service in Annapolis, Severna Park, Arnold, Crownsville, Edgewater, and Crofton.

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