Lawn Care Programs

Lawn Care Programs

Our 7 Step Lawncare Program may vary according to your lawn’s needs and the time of year.

  1. Spring: We apply a phosphorus-free organic-based fertilizer plus pre-emergent herbicide. This spring fertilizer delivers beautiful early spring color and an initial boost to get your lawn going. The best lawncare pre-emergent herbicide in Annapolis is added to control and suppress grassy and broadleaf weeds including crabgrass, henbit, and chickweed dandelions.
  2. Late Spring: To keep your lawn green and healthy, we apply a liquid application of a controlled-release phosphorus-free fertilizer. In addition, a liquid pre-emergent herbicide is added for extended crabgrass control through the summer months with the best post emergent herbicide in Annapolis. We’ll knock out many broadleaf weeds, dandelions and clover with this application, too!
  3. Early Summer: With the best post emergent herbicide in Annapolis, we’ll continue to knock out many broadleaf weeds, dandelions and clovers. Grub Worms: We take them out like Bruce Lee and use the best grub control available In Annapolis to combat grubs as well as surface feeding insects. This is a optional service.
  4. Summer: Like “The Thrilla In Manilla” we’ll beat the heat by applying a phosphorus-free high organic-based fertilizer for extended nutrient release when your lawn needs it most and it has a very low burn potential when the heat is on. Persistent summer weeds like oxalis and spurge will be selectively treated as problems arise. Warmer temperatures bring heat and drought stress to your lawn, don’t make a mistake and skip this step.
  5. Fall: We help renovate, rejuvenate, and recover! We will revitalize your lawn with a healthy dose of organic-based fertilizer (phosphorus-free, of course!) to promote top growth and a speedy recovery from summer stress and damage. We will selectively treat any remaining weeds at this time. Fall is the best time to aerate and over-seed. This optional service will help bring your lawn back to life. This is probably the most Chesapeake Bay friendly way to STOP unwanted runoff. YOU MUST OVERSEED EVERY YEAR!
  6. Late Fall: The most important nutrient application of the year! To help avoid winter stress and turf injury, we will apply a high organic-based phosphorus-free fertilizer to your lawn providing the essential nutrients needed and stored by the turf in your lawn to survive the winter months. An added bonus: better fall and winter color and earlier spring green-up!
  7. Fertilization/Weed Control: Our no phosphorus organic-based lawn care program is also available without weed control.

We offer many variations of the above program. Your lawn consultant will help choose the right program for you.

We also have special programs to meet any additional needs your property may have.

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