Lawn Renovation

Lawn Renovation

Total Renovation is a combination of slice seeding , aeration, dethatching, PH adjustment, and slow release starter fertilizer. During the  mechanical overseeding process we use a special machine called a Turf Renovator, cutting a small grooves or slices into the ground. The Turf Renovator then places seed into the groove. This is the same process that a farmer would use to plant a field. Stewart Landscaping will perform this process in two different directions so that your lawn will not achieve the “crop row” affect. One of the processes recommended is to De-thatch older lawns that have been neglected and remove all the dead thatch which propels water and nutrients . By just removing the thatch, the tall fescue lawn will quickly revive! However, if there are any bare spots the lawn will not self repair and seeding will be required to re-establish the thin out turf areas.

Proper Watering Procedure for Newly Seeded Lawns

Until seedlings are well established, they need moisture daily for two to three weeks. You should understand that your part in the establishment phase is daily watering to maintain adequate moisture. A few key points to remember –

  1. Watering must be started immediately after seeding is completed.
  2. For the first two weeks, water ½ inch daily.
  3. There after, water ½ inch every 3 to 4 days.

How to measure water –

  • use a tuna fish or cat food can (or any low wide container)
  • measure and mark ½ inch from bottom of can
  • place can where it can collect water while watering

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