Outdoor Fire Pits

Outdoor Firepit

There aren’t many things more relaxing than watching fiery sparks float up into the night sky. Outdoor fire pits are places of much memory making, from the romantic, to the spiritual, to those fun family moments roasting marshmallows in the fall.

Stewart Lawn & Landscape takes the old fashioned fire pit and brings it into a new era of style. Rather than the old hole in the ground of your campfire days, you can now experience a cleaner, safer fire pit that adds to the aesthetic enchantment of your garden or patio landscape.

Our designers will work with you to design a fire pit that works within your budget, melds with your architecture or garden style, and that fits with the picture you have in mind. The look you’re dreaming of can be accomplished within budgetary constraints using lower cost materials, or you can shoot for the sky with high end stones and masonry. We work to build your fire pit to match your idea of a dream backyard.

Call Stewart Lawn & Landscape today and let us help you mold your fire-pit dreams into a sparkling reality.