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The process of constructing a pool begins with design. Our experts will meet with you to determine the location on your property that is most suitable for a pool and what size, style, and type of pool you are you would like. We’ll then discuss the landscaping, water features, deck options, or patio styles you are envisioning and how the entire package will come together for the look you want.

Pool styles may be anything from kidney shaped to rectangular, and made of vinyl, fiberglass, shotcrete, and gunite. Each type has advantages and they fall in different ranges of budgets and levels of maintenance.

Some steps in the process of pool construction are excavation, HOA approval/permits, frame building, steel installation, electrical and plumbing features installation, concrete sculpting in the case of gunite and shotcrete, installation of the coping stones/pavers (border), finishing of the deck/patio and landscaping, and installing the pool equipment.

The pool type you choose will determine how long it will take from beginning of construction to the day you see the sparkling water inviting you in.

Stewart Lawn & Landscape of Annapolis, MD will use our 28 years of experience in designing and constructing exceptional outdoor living spaces to create the aqua-paradise of your dreams.

As both custom pool builders and landscape artisans, we can help you choose the best pool for your budget and your yard. By integrating landscaping, water features, and patio or decking to suit the pool style and vice versa, you can be assured that you will enjoy the results for years to come.

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