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Sometimes a well-constructed pool needs an update. It was built under standards of quality craftsmanship, but isn’t an attractive feature in the landscape anymore.

Stewart Lawn & Landscape offers pool makeover solutions that transform your already existing pool into a water-scape that melds with the natural beauty and style of your property.

The design of your made-over-pool and surrounding landscape and deck or patio will be softened and integrated into outdoor spaces that allow for the greatest use and satisfaction out of your outdoor home. With added spaces for entertaining, lounging, play, and soaking, you’ll likely enjoy your pool area much more frequently.

A common enhancement involves changing the coping stone, which is the border of your pool, to a more natural looking stone. Our experts can make this coping seamlessly meld with the landscape and the patio or deck materials that are chosen for the design.

Water features may also be worked into the plan, giving you more enjoyment in your use of the pool, as well as added beauty.

Finally, the patio or deck area will be redesigned and reworked to add beauty and functionality to the outdoor spaces around the pool and water features.

The designing of a pool-scape with these features will be customized to your desired outdoor lifestyle. Having a landscape such as this will bring you much more enjoyment than the traditional vast patio surround that you currently have. Contact Stewart Lawn & Landscape, of Annapolis, MD today to discuss your pool makeover needs.

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